Create Website Content that Attracts and Converts

So many things go into the perfect content marketing strategy. When it comes to adding words to your landing page, subpages, and blog, you need to understand the fundamentals of keyword research, online marketing, and pointing the way to your subscription form or special offer.

Content Is Still King – Fresh Content Fuels Growth

Your mother was right when she said you needed fresh food to grow big and strong. If you want your business to grow the same way, focus on adding fresh content to your webpage instead. Businesses found out a long time ago it’s worth their investment to create a website for online marketing. Here is some online marketing advice to make your investment pay off:

What frequently happens though, that in the mist of email, social, mobile, QR, and video campaigns, what started it all…their website, becomes neglected.

Make sure your website design stays fresh. Fresh with the content your specific niche audience finds useful and increases your brand value.

How fresh?  Ask yourself this; if your content is something your audience can socialize around, that’s the freshness you want.

Don’t Stop! 7 Reasons to Keep Writing Blog Posts

The never-ending task of almost every online marketing strategy is to get even more people to know their company, products or services. Toward that goal, content marketing remains a cornerstone of a successful marketing plan. Though different forms of media define a full content strategy, blogs remain one of the most useful and efficient tools. Yes, video is replacing podcasts and infographics, but no other media offer the in-depth and persuasive presentation of a blog.

So, keep writing blogs on your to-do list, with these 7 facts in mind:

  1. Once exposed to a blog, almost 1/3 of visitors will read it completely
  2. Articles over 3,000 words get 3 times more traffic
  3. One of the most efficient blog tactics is to update a past blog that needs refreshing
  4. Search remains the number one traffic source to blogs
  5. The success of blogging is measurable by volume of organic traffic
  6. 70% of marketers employ Content Marketing, including a blog program
  7. The top-performing blogs have almost 6,000 words

How Do You Make Powerful Content?

One of the biggest keys to fresh, powerful content is SEO or search engine optimization. While there are many factors that play into this organic traffic generating machine, it all starts with keyword research and effective use on your brand website.

There are but two types of keywords. Those associated with the intent to buy and those with the intent to research. Before you start the construction of a new website, before you plot your keyword strategy or before you spend PPC dollars, make sure you know which keyword type you’re using and why.

Each is different in ways to capitalize on their intent. For keywords with intent to buy, include those that can quickly lead them to your product/service page. For keyword searches that only apply to research intention, match them up with your blog and content subjects.

Though the most efficient use of keywords is when their function has a singular focus– to buy or to research–the two can co-exist. Just make sure that is your intent and plan carefully.

With the objective of attracting, engaging, and converting, the value of content strategy in today’s digital marketing environment is undisputed.

The subject of your content is paramount to your inbound program. Proper management of your campaign is the second most important component. Part of this is the visual packaging. To ensure that your audience doesn’t get sidetracked by different types of presentation styles, have a reliable and manageable format for all of your content.

Here are three tips on formatting your content:

  • Make sure all white papers adhere to a single graphic template that clearly shows your company and the topic name.
  • With video content, a similar opening and closing (bookends) help solidify and package your presentation.
  • Electronic newsletters, case histories, or how-to manuals need a consistent template to match ongoing expectations from your audience.

Drive Conversions with Content that Works

The freshest, richest, most optimized content in the world will not do you any good if you do not point visitors to the right page or part of your website. This could be a special offer, but a web perform outperforms in most cases.

What’s your company definition of conversion? To some, its entitlement is only granted with an actual sale. Your analytics might define a conversion as a nurtured lead that has finally submitted a form. If that’s your definition, increase your conversion by keeping your form short and sweet on your website. It’s an important consideration for your web design project.

To that end, remember that your thirst for more information runs contrary to your prospect’s willingness to share it. A five-field form outperforms a seven or a nine field. Increase your conversion. Lower your cost per. Keep it short!


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