Your brand is comprised of a name, tagline, logo or symbol, design, voice, and more. We can sculpt a unique identity for your business by creating visuals that showcase your products or service using the right messaging and materials. The brand is essential to your business identity and crucial to success. Let Aggro be your brand ambassador.


Logo Design

A company can be defined by a single element, the logo. It can evoke a feeling, science, technology, history, or presentation of your business. We’ll create a logo that represents the company as it stands today and where it will be tomorrow.

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Corporate / Brand Identity

We are experts in the graphic development of all the imagery that becomes your brand’s visual identity. From a brand’s logo to its tag lines, colors, shapes and symbols, photography style and illustration— we create the visual brand that aligns to identity.

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Let’s face it — things get old, dated and less likely to connect with future audiences. We’ll refresh your look with a rebrand and bring you up to speed – creating a unique niche in your market while making sure to preserve your equity.

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Marketing Materials

Print is certainly not dead, it’s merely changed. Clients appreciate well-produced marketing materials and having something in hand can be a valuable sales tool. We create unique marketing kits, sales sheets and other marketing materials that can be used to reinforce your brand.

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