Corporate / Brand Identity

Your brand’s logo is the “face” of your business. But a logo’s contribution to brand identity is associative, too. The corporate identity (AKA) brand identity package tells the viewer how they should respond to a set of particular colors, fonts, graphic elements and language.


A brand identity is a template for everything you would include on an advertisement for your business – but should be as unique as the product you are offering.

When you create an identity for your brand, you’re giving it something to stand for. Making sure the viewer knows the difference between you and your competition is imperative to developing a successful brand. The use of type, colors, and imagery to represent what the brand is will enhance that visual representation with your tone of voice.

We’ll work to build a successful brand identity for your company by presenting various ways to speak to your customers. Through visual brand boards, we’ll be able to explore the options for building a brand that is consistent, unified and is based on strategy. This will help to ensure that the identity you’re developing now will not only be relevant in years to come, but will even help you get there.

We’ll then take what we’ve developed and adapt it to your website, social media, products or merchandise, corporate communications and anything else business related through the elements related in your brand style guide.

See our work or contact us for a complete corporate/brand identity package that will make you stand out in the marketplace.

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