Branding across digital media

When it comes to branding on the web, there are many important things to consider.

Building a strong brand is important not only for offline communications, but also for online environments like corporate websites, small business websites, personal websites and blogs. Branding helps people differentiate between competition and quickly judge quality. When a company does offline and online marketing there are many opportunities to have your corporate identity align.


Color, personality, voice, fonts, graphic elements and call to action should be consistent across all media channels. The choice of a good color palette that is consistent with your brand can help unify things quickly. The way the website’s personality speaks to your audience, the call-to-action and the overall feel of the website can establish a new brand, or reinforce an existing one.

Digital Advertising

Banner ads and display ads across the web should be consistent with your brand while maintaining a concept or unique set of elements that are within a campaign. Whether the campaign is close to the messaging of your offline material, or a completely different concept, the viewer should be able to connect the imagery and message to a particular product or service.

Social Media

Being consistent across social media can also build your brand. By putting forth an effort to create a unique social presence you’ll not only stand out from your competitors, you’ll be more memorable, and that means a better chance that your visitors will come back for more. Social media is about making an impact, and being memorable – and through proper branding this can be accomplished.

Email Marketing

Adding your corporate name or your name if you are in individual marketer to the subject line quickly forms the brand recognition that you’ll be looking for. Using your brand will help your viewers quickly identify your emails among the crowd. It also allows to easily search for your emails and archive your messages to a special folder. Once inside an email, you’ll want your brand to quickly be identified, through the use of color, logos and links.

The web is an excellent platform to build your brand, so it’s important not to ignore branding when working on your website, digital advertising, social media or email. Make sure to utilize all the various techniques to make it powerful and effective. Branding on digital media is more important than ever, so be sure to be consistent, concise and distinguishable.

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