Ways to Support

Carrier Clinic is the largest independent, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare system specializing in psychiatric and addiction treatment in the state of New Jersey. But, we need your help so that we can continue to help others!

The Healing Arts Initiative of Carrier Clinic

Established in 1910, Carrier Clinic has been providing psychiatric and addiction services to the community for over 100 years. Ahead of his time, Dr. John Joseph Kindred created an atmosphere that would provide humane, personal treatment in a restorative setting. In 1956, Medical Director Dr. Russell Neff Carrier purchased the property from the Kindred family, and renamed it Carrier Clinic.

When asked what motivated him, Dr. Carrier responded, “I thought our patients should have the best care in the world. That’s the way Carrier Clinic developed. I gave them the best. I made the hospital home-like.” It was then that the foundation for care at Carrier Clinic was created and today, under these same principles, and within our continuum of care, hope is restored and recovery begins.

Our mission to inspire hope & recovery through expert treatment, education, compassionate care, and outstanding service is supported through a variety of treatments; including talk therapy and medications, as well as art therapy, music therapy, movement therapy, and equine therapy. An expansion on the use of art therapy has resulted in the launch of the Healing Arts Initiative here at Carrier Clinic.

The Healing Arts Initiative serves as a bridge to the beautification of Carrier Clinic and the healing that occurs each day on our campus. At Carrier Clinic, we recognize that people heal in different ways and it takes more than one type of therapy to build a healing environment.

In addition to creating an improved visual experience for our patients, visitors, and staff Carrier Clinic’s Healing Arts Initiative supports local artists. Support of the Healing Arts Initiative offers a unique opportunity for donors to support both the arts community in New Jersey and the important work being done at Carrier Clinic, every day. Your contribution can make a lasting impact.


or call Donna Reed Zaleski, Director of Fund Development, at (908)281-1495