Ways to Support

Carrier Clinic is the largest independent, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare system specializing in psychiatric and addiction treatment in the state of New Jersey. But, we need your help so that we can continue to help others!

School and Organization Support

Planning your very own event is fun and a great way to help your students understand the importance of community service, while incorporating giving into your everyday curriculum!

Plan your own FUNdraiser!* DOWNLOAD THIS .PDF
  1. Get permission. Be sure to discuss your idea with school administrators.
  2. Find other champions at your school!
  3. Educate your students by sharing information about the important work being done by Carrier Clinic. Invite a Carrier Clinic representative to speak to your students.
  4. Decide what you would like to do in support of Carrier Clinic. Some ideas include planning any one or more of the following:
    • Bowl-a-thon (participants raise money by securing donations in support of their efforts, make this even more fun by offering prizes for the person with the highest score and the person who raises the most money)
    • Walk-a-thon on your school’s property—create interactive checkpoints along the way that support the current curriculum such as a hands on science table or physical education stops; hula hoops and jump ropes make this a fun stop!
    • Hat Day or School Spirit Day, make this even more fun by incorporating a theme such as Sports Fan or School Colors. For more fun plan a “fashion show” and have judges pick the class with the best interpretation of the theme or with the most unique hats!
    • Healthy snacks sales, offer things like trail mix, dried fruit, soft pretzels, fruit gummies, and juices.
    • Coin Wars—See which class or grade can collect the most change and give the winning class a pizza or ice cream party! For younger children incorporate this giving project into the math curriculum for an extra benefit. (Please convert all change to one check made payable to Carrier Clinic.)
    • Flea market or rummage sale—ask parents to purchase spots to sell their used items. This can be done in the school parking lot on a Saturday or Sunday. Have one of the student organizations sell sodas, water, candy, and other snacks to people who attend. Be sure to publicize your flea market in the local newspapers.
    • Book sale
    • Fashion show
  5. Pick the date for your event
  6. Set a goal and let others know how much you are trying to raise in support of Carrier Clinic’s mission…then go for it!
    • Create a committee by asking others to help you plan your event.
    • Find an existing school club to undertake this project with you.
    • Find an administrator (or teacher if you are a student) to be a champion! Ask the administration or teacher to support your efforts by sending an email or a memo asking everyone to join the fun.
  7. Let Carrier Clinic know your fundraising plans, send an email to dzaleski@carrierclinic.com
  8. Publicize! Publicize! Publicize! Create posters, emails, flyers, and let everyone know! Be sure to make morning announcements leading up to your event.
  9. Hold your event
  10. Convert all cash and send checks only to Carrier Clinic, Development Office, P.O. Box 147, 252 Route 601. Belle Mead, NJ 08502
  11. Celebrate your hard work and recognize those who helped make your event a success
*Please note:
  1. When deducting expenses from the gross revenue, the event must be advertised as “a portion of the proceeds to benefit Carrier Clinic” and all expenses must be deducted prior to sending money raised to Carrier Clinic.
  2. Carrier Clinic will not be held responsible for any costs incurred while fundraising events held on our behalf.
  3. Carrier Clinic reserves the right to refuse support based on a conflict with the mission of Carrier Clinic.
  4. Expenses should not exceed 50% of total gross revenue raised in support of Carrier Clinic, and all parties should strive to keep expenses no greater than 15% of total gross revenue.
  5. Events and donors must meet all local, state, and federal laws governing charitable contributions and tax deductions. Meeting and understanding all restrictions as they apply to charitable giving laws and regulations is the responsibility of the donor.
  6. All events should be executed in a safe environment with no excessive risk involved for participants. Carrier Clinic will not be held responsible for injuries sustained during an event benefitting Carrier Clinic.
  7. All permissions, permits, licenses, and insurance are the responsibility of the company/ organization/school hosting the event on behalf of Carrier Clinic. Carrier Clinic will not be held responsible for fines or legal fees incurred due to an event held to benefit Carrier Clinic.

or call Donna Reed Zaleski, Director of Fund Development, at (908)281-1495