Ways to Support

Carrier Clinic is the largest independent, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare system specializing in psychiatric and addiction treatment in the state of New Jersey. But, we need your help so that we can continue to help others!

Planned Giving

You can help Carrier Clinic continue our work well into the future by thinking of Carrier Clinic today through bequests, gift annuities, gifts of real estate, trusts, and other tax-saving methods of support. It is possible to secure the future for your family and arrange your financial affairs, while also making a lasting contribution to Carrier Clinic. Planned Giving is a creative approach to charitable giving that could offer significant tax and income benefits, while also giving you peace of mind. Planned Giving your way to ensure your legacy lives on.

There are many ways to include a charitable organization in your estate planning that will produce tax-saving benefits, fulfill your philanthropic goals and directly benefit the community. For example:

Simple Bequest - When creating or revising a will, many individuals plan to leave gifts, or bequests, to charitable institutions such as Carrier Clinic.

Charitable Gift Annuity - With this agreement, the donor makes a single payment to Carrier Clinic, and in return the donor and/or named beneficiary receives a fixed dollar amount each year for life.

Charitable Remainder Trust - This trust enables a donor to set aside assets now for the future benefit of Carrier Clinic, while reserving an income stream for him or her self for a pre-determined period of time or lifetime(s). When that period expires, the trust principal is transferred to Carrier Clinic.

Charitable Lead Trust - A donor can transfer assets to this trust, which will provide income payments for a period of years to Carrier Clinic. At the end of the payment term, the principle reverts to the donor and/or beneficiary.

Please note that the above mentioned ideas for creating your personal philanthropic legacy in support of Carrier Clinic are not intended to serve as legal or financial planning advice, all Planned Giving donations should be discussed and arranged with an attorney and/or a certified financial planner.

Gifts of Stocks and Insurance

Gifts of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds can offer a donor an advantageous way to support Carrier Clinic and making a donation of this type is an easy process. Please contact your broker or attorney to guide you through the necessary steps.

Gift of Life Insurance

A life insurance policy that is no longer needed can become a valuable donation to benefit the work being done at Carrier Clinic. A policy donated today could mean a tax receipt for the current cash value of the policy. Contact your insurance broker or attorney to discuss this giving option, it can be as easy as including Carrier clinic as a beneficiary on your policy.


or call Donna Reed Zaleski, Director of Fund Development, at (908)281-1495