Getting More and Better Reviews for Your Business Online

Online ratings are clearly vital to today’s businesses. They help consumers find products, services, and brands to support. When you’re ready to get more ratings and reviews for your company, follow these 5 steps:

1. Ask! Whether in person, on the phone, or in an email – just ask your satisfied customers to submit a review.

2. Leave a reminder. Leave behind a postcard or brochure with product/service information, your contact details and a request to provide a review on Google, Yelp or a site you prefer.

3. Create a review link. Use this on your website and in emails.

4. Respond to reviewers. If an issue is raised, address it; if a compliment is given, say thanks.

5. Make an impression. When your customer service is superb, consumers will be more likely to leave online ratings.

Online Reviews Build Trust and Traffic

We all know online reviews matter. From consumer confidence to subsequent business revenue, a company’s ratings greatly impact its bottom line. But that’s not all- reviews also drive traffic to a business’ website, increase conversions and help savvy business owners make improvements and adjustments to better serve their customers.

In fact, a recent article in Small Business Trends cites the following statistics:

  • Business revenue increases up to 9% for every star in a company’s rating
  • 72% of consumers trust a local business more when they see positive reviews
  • Businesses with at least 3 stars receive 41 out of 47 clicks in Google
  • Excellent reviews inspire an average 31% higher spending by consumers

What do good reviews really mean for your business? You get not only more traffic from targeted consumers, but you also get higher degrees of loyalty from existing customers and clients. This is especially true for younger demographics.

Reviews Help Establish Loyalty with Millennials

To establish loyalty with Millennials, concentrate on customer satisfaction – especially in service industries like healthcare. Compared to other generations, Millennials are far more likely to switch providers if not completely satisfied with their experience.

Follow these 3 strategies to beat expectations and retain clients:

  • Be Accessible – Make scheduling appointments or getting answers to questions quick and easy to create a positive experience immediately
  • Be Clear – Hidden costs are a sure way to breed dissatisfaction, so avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Be Personal – Consider a study by Kelton Global which found 66% of patients diagnosed with a chronic condition were more likely to stay with their healthcare provider if that provider personally monitored their health data. Personal relationships are as important to Millennials as to every generation!

Remember, getting prospects through the door is just the first step. Your treatment and interaction with your consumers will be the key to establishing loyalty. Those are the things that drive five-star ratings and glowing reviews, too.

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