The Power of Geotargeting – Location-based Marketing

Target found: Connecting to the consumer! In the digital marketing world, geotargeting is important for both local and national brands. Digital Advertisers geotarget to reach consumers through location-based advertisements, acquiring their location through IP address, WIFI, and GPS. It specifically targets using both location and consumer demographics aligned to marketing objectives and ideal customer profiles. With this targeting tool, your company can zero-in on consumers that fit your desired demographic based on where and when they shop.

What you should know:

  • Access to a target’s location is given through opt-in of location-based applications or websites.
  • Geotargeting is even more effective when applying geofencing or geoframing. (think “in-store” messaging, receiving impressions from a local restaurant, while shopping in that area).
  • Geotargeting enables delivery of different content to users based on their location and behavioral profiles.

Get More Specific with Geofencing and Geoframing

Mobile marketing uses geofencing and geoframing to target your consumers on their mobile devices, enabling incredibly specific ad delivery. Here’s a quick overview of how each works:

Geofencing marks a location – from an individual store to a larger area – and then serves devices within that location with targeted advertisements in real time. With geoframing, a location, time and demographic frame are set to create a custom audience to target later.

Both of these tactics provide excellent marketing opportunities, including:

  • Offering promotions to current/potential customers within a set distance from or exactly within a location
  • Cross-selling customers visiting your business
  • Reaching consumers visiting a related establishment
  • Attracting repeat business
  • Directly marketing consumers visiting competitors

Location Is Important for Mobile Marketing Today

Nine out of 10 US smartphone users use location services on their phone. Location based mobile marketing allows retailers to offer incentives or coupons to customers when they are in or near their store. Here are three tips to help maximize your location based mobile marketing.

  1. The educated shopper already has their mobile phone out – they know how to compare prices in your store on their mobile phone. This is where a coupon or offer can set you apart with a CTA, working to beat your competition.
  2. Give a personal touch – Make the shopper feel special that they came into your store with offers or a special gift they were only able to get because they showed up.
  3. Reminders are important – Not only are you giving them the special offer but also when another is going to happen. This will give them a reason to come back again.

All these tips will help you get the attention of people in your area who are much more likely to become long-term customers for your business.

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