Top Tips for Powerful Website Design: Typography and More

Graphic design and website style go hand in hand. Every element must look good, function well, and give site visitors information about your brand. This makes the whole process of designing or redesigning a website an important step on the path to success.

Consider the importance of typography. Great graphic designers do so much more than create layouts and choose eye-catching images. Great graphic design relies on great imagery to be successful. But a visual image needs to turn “practical” quickly. A website’s readability is ultimately what engages and transports your visitors. As you redesign, tune-up or start a new second-generation site, keep a few font issues front and center:

  • Font Styles
  • Font Size
  • Line Lengths
  • Leading
  • Kerning
  • Alignments
  • Colors

There’s no magic combination to these components, but a checklist to address these issues during production will increase your audience’s participation and response rates, adding to your overall success.

Go Beyond Stock – Photography Tips for a Great Website

A picture speaks 1000 words. No matter how great your typography is, you cannot create a stellar website without graphic attraction. Forget boring old stock images. Go for high-power photos instead.

Looking for website design tips for better photography?

The quality of photographs on your website directly influences the purchasing decisions of your visitors. In fact, 70% of consumers’ buying behaviors are affected by a site’s images. A successful website needs to look successful!

The good news is that quality digital photography is now more affordable than ever. While this doesn’t mean that a professional photographer has become expendable—in many cases their contribution is vital to capturing the needed image—the quality achieved with high-end digital cameras has also been well established and utilized by small and large businesses alike.

Consider these three tips for presenting even better website images:

  • For exterior shots, look at where the sun hits throughout the day. Your best shot will be either during the early morning hours or late afternoon.
  • People like to see other people working, not posing. Stay away from having employees or customers looking into the camera. Your audience has a better chance of relating to what is happening if everyone is not looking directly at them.
  • Learn some basic applications of Photoshop Limited, especially color saturation and contrast. With a little adjustment of these two features, even a subpar visual can look a little better.

Remember that every headline, text box, and especially graphic can increase page load times. Not only will visitors leave if they have to wait too long, Google and other search engines will penalize you, too.

Four Ways to Decrease Page Load Times

Should you decrease page load time on your site? We’ve become accustomed to getting information immediately. Consequently, companies lose conversions when their websites fail to load quickly. When web pages lag while loading, viewers click elsewhere, ultimately losing the chance for business. Don’t make new clients wait! Instead, use these four tips to decrease web page loading time:

  • Reduce media sizes:  don’t upload huge images -size photos according to design parameters and compress videos or use an alternate linked video service
  • Use cache:  avoid time-consuming queries by creating a static HTML version of the page
  • Reduce third-party presence: especially if this loads prior to your own content, it will take valuable time and energy from the server
  • Check CSS and JavaScript: audit regularly to ensure maximized performance

There are so many great options when it comes to creating an attractive and effective website. These ideas are just the tip of the success iceberg for representing your company in the best way possible.

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