10 reasons why to redesign your website

When it comes to redesigning your website, here are the top 10 reasons.

It’s not long before the website you built recently becomes stale and outdated. With the web changing at a rapid pace, your website design needs to be fluid enough to change with current user trends, content updates and still be user-friendly and informative. There are some things to consider when redesigning your website, especially if it’s content rich and already has good search engine rankings.

10 Reasons to redesign your website

    • 1. Your website is not generating revenue, sales or leads and your conversions of current web traffic is very low.
      2. The call to action is unclear, or vague on your site and visitors have issues with contacting you.
      3. The website design is outdated, the technology is outdated, or the content is outdated.
      4. Your current website does not reflect your brand or make a good first impression.
      5. Your current website has a high bounce rate, meaning that people are leaving your website quickly after only viewing one page.
      6. Loading time is slow, your have Flash-driven elements or other bad SEO elements
      7. Your site is not responsive, or mobile-friendly. With 50% of all internet users on a mobile device, you want to make sure your site is optimized for viewing on any screen, quickly and easily.
      8. Current site was designed on a free platform with limited design and SEO capabilities.
      9. Your website does not have a blog or news area. You have the opportunity as the business owner to create your own content and allow your customers to stay informed while feeding SEO to your new site. Not having a blog makes this task rather difficult, while platforms like WordPress make it easy.
      10. Your website ranks low on search engines.

    When considering a website design, think of your website as your main sales tool. If it underperforms, so will the business. If it’s not representative of your company, people will get the wrong impression. Great website design can lift sales and profiles of your brand today and tomorrow, or until it’s time to redesign once again!

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