3 Ways Social Media Can Drive Your Digital Marketing

No matter what type of business you have, digital marketing can build it into a recognizable, more profitable brand. It exposes your brand to the right online audience, making them more aware of your offerings. And by reaching the most relevant audience, you can build relationships with them, eventually turning them into leads.

Developing a great website is one of the first ways to build your brand’s digital presence. But how do you market it? Social media can be your most valuable tool, with the local of a local digital marketing agency.

Build brand awareness with social media.

If you find yourself liking people’s Instagram photos or even disliking other people’s Facebook posts in your head, congratulations. You’re a social media user. Thus, you should be marketing your brand on these platforms you already know how to use.

Tone and voice
If your brand already has a tone and voice, you’re off to a great start. But sometimes it’s necessary to tweak it slightly for certain social media channels. For example, your Instagram posts may be more aspirational with more visual impact over words. Your LinkedIn posts might be more informative, educational and most likely, a bit more professional. Even still, all of your posts will have an overarching tone and voice you don’t ever want to abandon completely.

Social media planning
Now that you’ve developed unique personalities across your social media accounts, you can create a social media calendar. It should include posts of different content. It’s fine to repeat some educational content across channels if you think your customers will find it useful, but present it in a different way. You can write a “How to” blog article infographic-style, but maybe share the same content on another channel as a video. Knowing how your different channel audiences interact with content can help you determine how to create it.

Develop original content
If you want to win your audience over, don’t just write content. Write great content. Award-winning, shareable content. The more your posts are shared and talked about, the more brand awareness you’ll build. A digital marketing agency can help with that.

Retweet, reply, repeat
Not all content needs to be original, though. When you come across an inspiring video or helpful article, share it. Retweet and include post copy to indicate your stance on this valuable information. When necessary, tag the author to give them credit and to make yourself known to them. Better yet, comment on their posts to plug yourself into their conversations. They could be established influencers who may eventually speak highly of your brand.

Promote posts
Sometimes, you may have to boost your posts. There’s so much competing information out there, it’s no guarantee that your content will reach your audience at exactly the right time. That’s when you promote your Facebook posts for a fee—increase your odds of getting noticed. The best part is, you can track how well they perform with Facebook analytics.

Through social media, you can reach segmented audiences who will get to know your brand, and in turn, let you build relationships with them. By promoting content and not just soliciting, you’ll gain respect in the area you are targeting.

Build relationships.

Once you get people listening to your brand, don’t lose their interest. Continue delivering them the content that piqued their interest to begin with. Observe how they interact with your brand and create more content you know they’ll like. At this point, you’ll know their name, where they’re from and anything else their social profiles will tell you, so take advantage of this information. Personalize the content you deliver to them, and use Facebook messenger to reach them on a more personal level. Weave other topics they follow into natural conversations with them. This will make you seem approachable and relatable, and certainly more share-worthy.

When you let other people talk you up and build brand awareness for you, you can spend time focusing on other digital marketing tactics—like generating leads.

Generate leads.

You could try to generate leads on your own, but hiring a local digital marketing agency to handle it could be a smart move. There are so many ways to capture leads—here are just a few.

Establish yourself as a thought leader
Offer advice and valuable content for your audience through blog articles, YouTube videos and email. Be sure to use smart SEO to make your blog pages searchable. They can serve as landing pages for specific topics or products/services you offer. By offering valuable content, users learn to trust your brand and will return to it for future advice.

For businesses that don’t sell products, offering advice is smart digital marketing. Do this through an e-newsletter and ask users to subscribe to it. Set up a subscription form on your website for those who go directly to your website or send them an email with a subscription form. Even better, build a blog that you can promote across all channels, asking people to subscribe to it. By asking them to subscribe, you can capture their information, a lead you can reach out to again later.

Facebook lead generation ads
Facebook lets you easily create lead generation ads that capture prospect’s information right from the ad. It’s not just a form, but an ad that tells a story and sells the user on submitting their contact information. A digital marketing agency understands the backend of these types of ads and can set everything up for you. Plus, they can measure results and help plan additional campaigns.

This is just the short list, but if you want to take a more advanced approach to digital marketing, it’s best to consult with an agency. See how Aggro Creative can help with your digital marketing needs using social media and so much more.

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