Guide to Rebranding – Why Rebrand This Year?

Rebranding is often based on a belief that a company is out-of-date and no longer reflects the correct mission, personality, or communication for that company to profit, or sometimes, just to survive.

A rebrand is a very important exercise that should be approached strategically—asking the right questions of long-term objectives and goals. Here are four initial questions to ask before beginning a re-branding program.

  1. Has my company changed? Whether by a merger, new services and products or new ownership, your company may be a different company than it was 5, 10 or 15 years ago.
  2. Is my marketing and advertising message still relevant? Depending on how much your audience has changed their behavior or desire, your message might be disjointed, convoluted or just plain out-of-date. Maybe it’s time to add digital advertising or a new website.
  3. Has the competitive landscape changed? Of course, it has. The question is—are you ahead, equal or behind what your competitors are doing?
  4. What is the one overall problem that needs a solution? Not that rebranding will of itself solve this problem, but it may be an appropriate step for your organization to present a new “you” and a new proactive position of moving forward.

Should You Rebrand or Just Reposition Your Company?

A true rebrand is the total elimination or replacement of your current brand. It might entail a new name, logo, and personality along with new inventory or services. Though there are many reasons a rebrand could be necessary (often not related to marketing–i.e. new ownership), many advertisers rush for a rebrand not ready to fully embrace its monumental significance.

Often what is needed, though not cited specifically, is a repositioning. Here, the current brand stays intact but changes to it are adopted, respecting brand equity but realizing that your awareness, likability or market share have changed. A repositioning is best approached by defining the problems (asking the right questions) and then plotting the solutions. Successful repositioning can usually be accomplished via a fresh advertising campaign, updated packaging or even new pricing.

Top Tips for Website Rebrand and Redesign

Every rebrand starts with “Re!”

You’ve made the decision to redesign your website and rebrand your image. Great, if it’s done right – more traffic, more conversions, more branding.

For a simple start to your REdesign, use the “RE” as a guide.

  • “R” –Review your keyword selections-they change frequently
  • Reorganize your content-your visitor’s orientation, not yours
  • Replace old content with new—even Google likes it when you change
  • “E” –Educate your visitors: they’ll like you more if you help them
  • Entertain them-consider engaging videos and infographics
  • Embrace a new look-don’t be shy, be bold!

Do Not Forget to Register Your New Logo

The best way to protect your company logo from infringement is to register it through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Here are the steps for trademark/service mark registration:

  1. Determine if your logo is unique. The Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) is your go-to place. You’ll find that and the application at the USPTO website.
  2. Fill out the online application carefully. There’s a nonrefundable fee at this point, so be thorough and accurate the first time. Consider consulting a legal advisor for assistance.
  3. Work with your assigned USPTO examining attorney on resolvable issues. Your timely replies and corrections will help streamline the process.

If your registration is approved, be sure to maintain it and be vigilant about finding and addressing possible infringements to protect your trademark rights.

Whether you undergo a full rebranding for your company or non-profit organization or reposition it for greater impact in the market, it is possible to make changes for the better. Get more attention for all the right reasons. Learn more by contacting us today.

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