Top 5 Small Business Marketing Tips

Small business, mom and pop shop, the corner store… different names used to describe the backbone of any local economy. Without the marketing budget of a corporate brand, small businesses need to think differently and creatively for their marketing needs. With the many marketing options available, it can be difficult to know where to spend your marketing time and budget to reach your customers. Here are 5 tips to help you market your small business:

1. Start with a strong brand foundation.

The best marketing campaigns are reverse engineered from these two simple questions: who am I trying to reach and how can I position my business to help them? Getting clear on your product with a clean and clear logo backed by solid packaging and messaging will help to underline what it is that makes you different and desirable. 

2. Establish or optimize your digital footprint starting with your website.

Having a strong digital presence is non-negotiable in today’s digitally-driven world and that starts with your website. Clean navigation, concise content, and aesthetically pleasing designs should be the bedrock principles used when designing your website. Furthermore, responsive designs created to be viewable for both mobile and desktop users should not be missed. SEO-updates should also be a key part of your ongoing marketing plan. 

3. Establish or update your social media platforms. 

New customers want to get a real look at who you are and one of the first places they’ll look is your social media profiles. An active presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can give them an inside peek at what makes your business special. Sharing behind the scenes content, collaborative Q&A sessions, and sharing the real face behind your business will not only build trust but this type of organic social media content marketing strategy will convert followers into paying customers. 

4. Start or expand your email program

An email marketing list is an essential tool to have in every small business’ toolbelt. Having an e-mail address is essential to move around online, so when it comes to connecting with your potential customers, nothing beats the direct access that email gives. E-mail marketing continues to yield high ROI and conversion rates year over year and should be a bedrock of any small business marketing strategy. Not to mention HTML emails can be done quickly and affordably to promote anything from a sale, news event or a special coupon. 

5. Review if/when a PPC campaign needs to be started or updated.

Once you’ve worked through tips 1-4 and are on solid footing, we recommend taking the plunge (or paddling out further!) into a pay-per-click campaign, most commonly called a ppc campaign. From SEM (search engine marketing), display ads and native ads to social media ads and retargeting, there are several avenues to amplify your messaging to your target audience. With the option to scale your campaign to fit your budget, it’s an extremely efficient and effective way to get the word out about your small business.

Contact Aggro Creative Marketing today to learn more about how we can help build a successful marketing campaign for your small business that not only drives sales and inquiries, but builds your brand and elevates your consumer perception.

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