The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business

Smart Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Increasing your brand awareness remains a top priority for all businesses–large or small. Today, marketing is about meeting consumers where they are–being in the right place at the right time. Fortunately for small business owners, there are many ways to market your product or service, including digital marketing for small business. First, we’ll take a look at traditional approaches…

Traditional/conventional marketing uses offline channels to promote your business. Cable, radio, billboards, direct mail, newspapers, magazines and even word-of-mouth are all popular and effective small business marketing and advertising options.

In the 1990s, the introduction of the internet brought new ways for businesses to reach consumers. Digital marketing uses online channels like social media, email, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to market your business.
Online vs. Offline

People spend a lot of time online these days, yet most feel an increasing need to take temporary breaks from the digital world. This is why it makes sense for small businesses to incorporate both traditional and digital marketing into their business plans. However, while multi-channel marketing should always be seriously considered, we understand that the budget for a small business may not allow owners to invest in both online and offline advertising. In those cases, the most affordable marketing for small business is usually digital. As more and more advertisers enter the digital world, it is imperative for small business owners to implement a smart marketing strategy to attain their best ROI.

Running a business can be challenging, especially when both the team and budget are limited. While some forms of digital marketing are free, it’s important to consider all digital marketing options, including paid.

Start with these digital tips for small business:

  • Don’t be afraid of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are among the easiest ways to network, market your business and connect directly with your audience.
  • Consider outsourcing. Digital marketers specialize in analyzing a business and building brand awareness. Many agencies offer digital packages for small businesses. For example, packages from agencies like Aggro Creative are tailor-made, cost effective, focused on ROI and can even include a new/updated company logo or website.
  • Incorporate videos and infographics. Quality visual content is extremely valuable and a great business investment. Instructional videos keep current customers coming back and help convert prospects into new clients. Attractive infographics generate traffic on your website or social media pages–people are quick to share an infographic with others. Hiring a professional ensures creative content that is easy to understand and easy on the eyes.

Improve Your Small Business Strategy—
Develop a Targeted Digital Marketing Plan

Small to medium businesses (SMB) and small to medium enterprises (SME) usually don’t have the extensive budgets larger organizations do. On the other hand, big corporations may lack the creativity and flexibility of a small business, giving entrepreneurs somewhat of a marketing advantage.
small business marketing

When developing an affordable digital marketing strategy for a small business, you want your investment to increase conversions while sticking to the budget. With so many available strategies for marketing and advertising your small business, understanding some basic tactics makes planning easier. At the end of the day, it’s important to do what will generate better results for your business. Good digital marketing plans start with buyer persona(s), business objectives, and value propositions. Above all, the best digital strategy is both creative and smart.

5 Steps to a SMART Marketing Plan

Step 1

Conduct a SWOT Analysis. No matter the industry, successful businesses constantly consider the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) of both the company and the market. Conduct internal and external SWOT analyses to better determine your position in the market.

Step 2

Define Long and Short Term Goals. Remember, when working with a small business and a small budget, it’s imperative to work SMART. Your short- and long-term goals should be

Separating short term from long term goals provides the team with the clarity needed to properly market and advertise your small business. Detailed goals allow easier planning and minimize mistakes.

Step 3

Define Your Market Strategy. This includes identifying your target audience, creating a brand identity that is unique and memorable, and determining which channels to employ to reach said target market. Be mindful of your audience as you answer these questions:
Where will you reach them?
What kind of content do they like?
How many touchpoints are optimal?

Step 4

Select the Best Online Channels for Your Small Business. Based on your goals and objectives, determine an affordable method for reaching your audience. Whether marketing your small business in New Jersey or around the world, there are various ways to promote your small business digitally. Types of online marketing include:
• Content marketing
• Native advertising
• PPC advertising
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Marketing automation / email marketing
Social media marketing, and
• Programmatic advertising

Step 5

Analyze Your Results and KPI. Determine how successful your digital marketing approach has been. Your KPI, Key Performance Indicator, will tell you if the strategies implemented resulted in the ROI you were hoping for. Plus, tracking your process will allow you to reflect, identify and correct what didn’t work.

If this all seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. Savvy entrepreneurs regularly opt to hire a digital marketing consultant for small business. The internet can be your greatest enemy or your biggest ally, so it’s crucial to create quality, personalized content that increases customer engagement. Certainly, marketing and advertising your small business shouldn’t be left to chance, especially when the goal is to maximize your online presence.

From television marketing to logo design, businesses throughout the region trust Aggro Creative Marketing for expert advice and execution. Contact us to start realizing your SMART goals today.

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